Irony hurts

Passive aggressive statement meant to shame those in my life, but is devoid of any personal insight or reflection into my own behavior, thereby making me come off as a hypocritical asshat.


5 thoughts on “Irony hurts

    1. Yes, I have been an asshat on occasion. I think we all have. But at least I don’t go on to personal blogs with an antagonistic attitude with an agenda to try to tear the author down. And by the way, JM/Janny…you can use a different username and email address all you want on different comments. I have your IP address. Congratulations, I’m not the only asshat today.

    1. The same IP address twice is suspicious. I doubt two people with two different email addresses and names used the same IP address.

  1. I love your sense of humor lol, I just found your blog and I’m coming through your articles. Lovelovelove to find another feminist who isn’t afraid to be angry! I think a lot of the time we’re policing ourselves to be cool, calm and collected (to fend off trolls) but sometimes you just have to say it like it is.

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