To the Ordain Women Exposed Dudebro:

I’m sorry that you are in so much pain that you feel the need to lash out at others who aren’t as orthodox in their faith as you. I’m sorry that you are so hurt that you want to hurt others. I’m sorry that you think you are doing God’s mission, but God is about love and not harassment. I’m sorry that you must be in so much pain to go after your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. You must be really hurt to think it’s okay with Jesus Christ to use his name to lash out at others. I’m sorry you feel justified in your zeal to harass, defame, mock, degrade, and libel children of God.

You accuse others of not following the prophet when you yourself are not following the words of Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf who said, “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.”

You might look at the people involved with Ordain Women as apostates, and that is your right to believe, but you don’t have the right to:

-Harass and doxx people online because they think differently about church things than you.

-Set up Facebook pages and Twitter feeds trying to “expose” people because they don’t agree with you about worship.

-Accuse others of not following the prophet when your harassment of them is in direct opposition of what your church leaders teach.

It’s not what Jesus would do. He commanded all of us to Love one Another. He told us to turn the other cheek. He told us to cast the first stone if we are without sin (you are not). He asked us to check the motes in our own eyes before pointing out the beams in others. Nothing you are doing is within what Christ asked of his followers to do.

In the words of Elder Uchtdorf, STOP IT.

And if you happen to quote me again on Facebook or your little blog, just know that I will do the Christ-like thing and forgive you, but my lawyer won’t.

Please seek professional help to overcome the hurt you have in your heart that is so ever present you spend your life hurting others.


6 thoughts on “To the Ordain Women Exposed Dudebro:

  1. You are threatening legal action for someone quoting something you say online? Wow. You don’t really understand how the law works, do you?

    /mod/ this is the last comment I will post from dudebro.

    1. I just know how you cyber bullies operate and I would like to protect myself and my family from mentally unstable individuals, such as yourself. And yes I do know the law. My sister is a judge and my mother worked for the court system for 18 years.

      I see you must have a Google Alert set up for this since you responded within an hour of my post going up. You are expending so much energy toward hurting others. I really do feel sorry for you. Please get a mental health evaluation. It must be hell living in your head where so much hate and fear resides.

      Dudebro, make like Elsa and let it go. Make like Elder Uchtdorf, and STOP IT. Or make like the Savior you claim to worship and turn the other cheek.

      1. This is not the “dudebro” you reference, but one of the authors of The irony of you being unwilling to let it go, stop it or turn the other cheek, as you suggest, is not surprising.

      2. I’m letting this one through to point out that I didn’t name anyone by name (though I could because of the email address and IP address you left on my blog with your comment) and that I didn’t post 13 times about one individual in one day. So much so that Blogger has taken down your blog for harassment. I didn’t link to your Facebook page, though I could based on the info you left behind. The only irony here, dudebro, is that you can’t see yourself for what you are. A stalker. A harasser. I haven’t harassed you at all. I haven’t printed your name. I haven’t made mention of the groups you like on FB. I haven’t tattled on you to the Bishop. I haven’t dedicated my life to destroying yours, like you’ve done to many MoFems who are my friends. You followed me here and left several comments. Seriously, please get help. Your obsession with Mormon feminists is at clinical, diagnose-able levels and I have nothing but sympathy and pity for the pain you are in.

  2. Good for you, calling out the the bullies (dudebro and friend of dudebro). Bullies don’t like it when you point out their behavior, do they. I love the shocked innocence and the trying to turn it around to it being you not able to let it go.

    I’ve found those who spend all their time judging others have really miserable lives. Instead of fixing their life, it’s easier to harrass people, judge others, make a complete ass of themselves (which is what mofemwatch) is doing. It is so apparent that they do not have the spirit in their lives or they would be so willing to spread the misery in their hearts. True christians don’t behave that way because the light of Christ filles their hearts with love.

    God doesn’t need their help. In fact it is people like them that are driving people away from the Church with their narrow-minded, hateful, petty behavior. Good job, dudebro and friend of dudebro for giving Mormons a bad name.

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