Baltimore and American History X

Every time racial injustice happens in America and a riot occurs, white people get all up in arms and they’re starting to annoy me with their racist rhetoric. Devoid of any meaningful context, they condemn rioters, recite cherry-picked quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr. they think back up their position (when in actuality very few of them have read an entire essay or speech by Dr. King), and forget America’s history of genocide and enslavement of brown and black people. What I love is these same people never condemn rioting after a sports teams loses, just when race issues are brought up and they are uncomfortable.

I largely try to stay out of Facebook debates because I don’t think you change anyone’s minds with a well-placed quip. However, I do think that any white person who makes these arguments and then watches this scene from American History X and sees their beliefs reflected in the words of Derrick Vinyard and not think they’re racist needs to re-evaluate. A mirror always helps us see who we truly are.

Hey, we’re all racist, folks. It’s how we were raised. We are the byproduct of institutionalized racism. It’s acknowledging it, educating ourselves, and doing better that helps us overcome it.


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