You might not be a male feminist ally if…(it has something to do with Kobe Bryant and rape apologetics)

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Sexual Assault and Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

Dear feminist ally men of the universe:

You cannot simultaneously criticize BYU for it’s punishing of rape victims using Honor Code violations and other institutions that fail to do right by sexual assault survivors AND

-Cheer Kobe Bryant on and his winning last season (let’s remember he wouldn’t have those 5 championship rings if his ass were in jail like it should be),

-Have a Woody Allen quote at the end of your professional emails,

-Say what Roman Polanski did wasn’t rape-rape,

-Claim that since Bill Cosby hasn’t been prosecuted of any crimes it’s not proven he’s done anything wrong,

-Cheer for men (and I use that term loosely) like Ben Reothlisberger, Patrick Kane, Greg Hardy, Jameis Winston, et al, ad infinitum,

Without survivors of sexual assault no longer seeing you as an ally and no longer believing you’re a safe person.

How do you think women like Erica Kinsman (one of Winston’s victims), or any of Kobe Bryant’s victims, or all the women (and men) you know who have been sexually assaulted (and there are many more than you know) FEEL when we see men we thought we could trust, count on, depend on, etc. place entertainment and sports above the sanctity, security, worth, and safety of our bodies?

All it does it remind us, especially as women, that our pain, our suffering, our lives don’t matter. Again and again and again and again…


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