I’m back?

Last month The Huffington Post announced it was changing it’s contributor platform. I have been a contributor there since September 2013 when y’all helped make one of my posts viral. Since then I’ve been putting most of my writing there because everyone knows HuffPo and hardly anyone knows Iron Daisy.

But now I’m back to my roots. The HuffPo is no longer accepting contributor submissions. Any article ideas will have to be pitched to their editors. Before I would submit my posts, they would be edited by a small team of people, and then posted on the website. This has come to end for every contributor.

I’m a little disappointed because for 4 years HuffPo allowed me to reach an audience I wouldn’t have ever had otherwise. It was a great experience for me allowing me to expand my abilities as a writer.

I can’t totally understand their position with this new shift. With the current trend of #fakenews and our president inciting nazis and other hate groups to become more hateful, you don’t want to give a platform to just anybody these days. I think the move is smart on their part.

I’ve been hesitant to continue posting on my blog, not because the audience isn’t as large as HuffPo, but because of the audience my blog attracts. Actually the audience I attract. That audience is a mentally unstable person who uses my blog’s commenting section to send vile messages to me.

I get it. In this internet age any coward can sit behind a keyboard and say whatever they want about anyone else. I’m not naive to that.

But I know the people behind these pathetic attacks and I wonder sometimes when they’re going to get bored? Probably never. Just word to the wise, you can say anything you want about me – I’m fat, I’m a bad mother, I’m mentally unhealthy, blah blah blah. But if you use my children to hurt me, especially use the worst thing that ever happened to one of my children as a weapon against me, I just have to ask — what the fuck is wrong with you? Like, who wakes up and uses a crime against a child to hurt their mother? It’s absolutely so despicable and crosses such a huge line, just know there will never be forgiveness on my end. Never. You hurt me? Whatever. You betray one of my children? You’re dead to me.

All this to say I may be bringing this old chestnut back to life. Maybe. It depends on if I have anything to say that I can’t tweet in 280 characters.