30 Day Challenge: Day 28 – Something you miss

Snelgrove’s Malted Milk Ice cream

Snelgrove was a Utah institution for years.  They closed all their shops a few years ago, which means I can never again taste my favorite ice cream flavor in the world:  Malted Milk.

Unlike it’s copy cats, it did not have Whoppers or malted milk ball candies in the middle of it.  It was just pure malt flavoring.  And it was good.  Creamy and delicious…if I close my eyes I can almost taste it again.

Every summer my Mom would drive us down to Sugar House (which seemed really far away back then) and she would buy a 3 gallon tub of Malted Milk ice cream, which we would proceed to eat for the entire summer.  The last time I even had some was when the hubs and I were living with my Grandma and she had some in her deep freeze.  This was 11 years ago.

I miss it.  I miss this ice cream so badly.  No other ice cream flavor can compare.


30 Day Challenge: Day 27 – A problem you have or have had in the past

Mountain Dew Addiction

First step – Admitting that I am powerless against Mountain Dew.  I can’t have just one.  Once I start, I can’t stop.  Whether I buy it in 12 pack cans or run to the gas station at inconvenient time to fill up my 32 oz cup.  Which is why I feel like I can’t have any at all.

I believe this addiction to caffeine in the form of a sugary, citrusy soft drink, is a problem I will always have whether I’m currently drinking it or not.

30 Day Challenge: Day 26 – If you had a Million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?

I can’t write this without thinking about this song.

I once had to write an essay in my Spanish class my sophomore year in college about this very essay and being very uncreative, just quoted this song.  My Spanish professor had no idea what I was talking about and I didn’t get a very good grade on it.

I don’t even know if I could afford to pay the taxes on a million dollars, but let’s say theoretically I had an actual million dollars to spend, free and clear…this is what I would do with it.

-Pay off my house (finish the basement, landscape to my heart’s content)
-Pay off in-law’s house as a small way to pay them back for all they’ve done for our family
-Send my MiL and FiL on a dream vacay cruise to Alaska
-Make my Dad let me help him with whatever he needs, also to pay him back for all he’s done for our family
-Set up college funds for my children
-Donate to charity – Women for Women International, Tharce-Gulu, Red Cross, The United Way, Planned Parenthood, and some local charities we like to support
-Buy my hubby and I our dream car – a 1964 Ford Mustang

-Take vacations all over the world with my family
– Buy some beachfront property somewhere
-Do I even need to say it?  SHOES!

What would you do with a million dollars?

30 Day Challenge: Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why

Fascinating is an interesting word.  It’s defined as, “of great interest or attraction; enchanting; charming; captivating.”  I believe you can find someone fascinating without really liking the person they are.  For instance, some of the greatest villains in the world (Hannibal, Stalin, Trump) are fascinating without being particularly likable.

So it’s been very hard for me knowing that I have to write this about a fascinating person and not coming up with a single one person I find fascinating.  Is it a cop out to say I find people in general to be fascinating?  If I wasn’t fascinated by human behavior I wouldn’t have majored in a social science.  One of the most fascinating things I ever studied in college were the Stanley Milgram experiments because the way the participants reacted and performed was just incredibly fascinating to me.

Studying human behavior, emotions, and psyche will endlessly be fascinating.  So congratulations world, ya’ll are fascinating to me.


30 Day Challenge: Day 24 – Your favorite movie and what it is about

High Society is my all-time favorite movie.  This was the last Hollywood movie Grace Kelly ever made before she went off and married Prince Ranier of Monaco.  This was the first time uber mega stars of the time Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang a duet.  I just love this movie.  It makes my heart happy every time I see it.  I even have the musical soundtrack on my iPod and one song from it can instantly change my mood from dark to light.

So what’s this movie about?  It’s about millionaires in Newport, Rhode Island.  It’s about true love.  It’s about falling from pedestals.  It’s about Grace Kelly as Tracy Samantha Lord on the eve of her wedding to her second husband, George.  The only problem is her ex-husband, played by Crosby, is still in love with her.  He comes back to town for the Newport Jazz festival, but it soon becomes clear he’s come back to win his true love’s heart before it’s too late.  Tracy becomes upset when the local tabloid blackmails her into having two reporters, played by Sinatra and Celeste Holm, cover her wedding.  After a drunken bachelorette party, Tracy falls off her high horse and realizes she’s not as perfect as she expects herself and everyone else to be.

Throw in beautiful music written by Cole Porter and great one-liners and this is a musical classic.  This is a musical adaptation of the movie Philadelphia Story and some may say it is its less superior predecessor, but I disagree.  This movie sparkles and shines.  My favorite scene from the whole movie is when Tracy remembers her honeymoon with Dexter on their boat, The True Love, and they sing the duet, “True Love.”

Some people might not like old movies (and this one is 56 years old) but I think this is rather fast paced for it’s time.  It’s an enjoyable story line, witty, gorgeous, and the songs will have you singing out loud for days.  And Kelly wore her real engagement ring from Prince Ranier in the movie.

Quite a sparkler, amiright?

Okay, the truth is I’m a huge movie buff and while High Society will always and forever in the history of everdom be my favorite movie, these are my top 10ish.

Top 10
1. High Society
2. The Princess Bride
3. Steel Magnolias
4.  I am Sam
5. Easy A
6. The Wedding Singer
7. Tommy Boy
8.  Corrina Corrina
9.  Finding Nemo
10. Dirty Dancing
11.  Better off Dead
12. Music and Lyrics
13. O Brother, Where art Thou?

Just a taste of the movie for you…

30 Day Challenge: Day 23 – Post pictures of 5 famous people you find attractive

Christian Bale

Oh yeah, baby…I’ve had a crush on him since “Newsies” came out 20 years ago.

Joel McHale

I love him on The Soup and on Community.  An attractive man who’s funny?  Golden.

Adam Levine

I don’t know why….this boy  just does it for me and has ever since Maroon 5’s first album, “Songs about Jane.”

Blair Underwood

Ever since he played one of Miranda’s boyfriends on “Sex and the City,” I have had a crush on this man.  His voice is to die for.

Jason Segal during his Freak and Geek days

Okay, he’s still cute

Honorable Mention:  Christina Hendricks

It’s just nice to see a curvy, voluptuous woman on TV.  And hot dang, she’s pretty.

30 Day Challenge: Day 22 – How have you changed in the past 2 years?

How have I changed in the last two years?  Hmm, that’s an interesting question.  Externally, my hair color and length has changed a bunch of times in the last two years.  I’ve gone from this  

 To this

And now this

Every time I go to the salon I tell my stylist to do something different.  I like change and I just can’t keep a style for too long.

More importantly how I’ve changed in the last two years is I’ve learned some pretty big lessons.  One is when people show you who they really are, believe them.  Sometimes I’ve had to learn this over and over again because I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.  It’s hard lesson to learn that some people have absolutely no compassion, humanity, or forgiveness in their meager hearts.  I don’t want to be more cynical, but necessity dictates it when you’ve come up against someone who shows you their true colors, and they ain’t pretty.

But the flip side of when someone shows you who they truly are you learn how kind, decent, cool, and unusually good they are.  I’m really lucky to have so many friends who rally around me when the chips are down.  I’m so blessed to know people who go out of their way to show kindness even when it’s not fun or convenient.  One of the best ways I’ve changed in the last couple of years is how my heart has grown to include so many wonderfully awesome new friends.  Friends who love instead of judge.

And something I’m always working on, is having more patience.  I feel the older I get and farther into my 30s I go, the more patience I gain.  I don’t suffer fools gladly, but I’m not in such a hurry to get through life anymore.  I think it’s because my babies are growing up so quickly, and I want to hold onto all these precious moments while they’re happening.  Before I knew it my daughter is almost as tall as me and has a shoe size that’s only a size and a half smaller than my own.   I definitely feel now at 33 the swiftness of the years behind me and want to savor each fleeting moment.