30 Day Challenge: Day 17 – Your highs and lows of the past year


-Getting our yard put in.
-The hubs being recruited and hired by his new company.
-Spending my birthday in Seattle with the hubs.
-Finally being able to get our daughter the educational help she needs and going to her following Parent/Teacher Conference and learning her test scores have tripled since the beginning of the year.
-Our son being baptized.
-Our littlest little potty training….finally…
-Having my Dad come visit us twice.
-Not having to sell my house and move to Washington.
-Discovering that I like The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.
-Our trip to Seattle in December that was just 3 days of pampering fun.
-Our annual trip to Bear Lake with the fam.
-Making new friends and spending time with beloved family members.


-Losing the hubs’s paternal Grandmother in April.
-Having to turn down a piano teaching job at a music academy because I thought we were moving.
-The two months I thought I was moving to Washington and was sad about it.
-Dealing with trolls, drama starters, liars, manipulators, tattle tales, and crazies.
-Missing my Mom on triggering days (Mother’s Day, her birthday, her death day)
-Knowing that last August should have been my parent’s 40th Wedding Anniversary and not getting to celebrate it.

It’s good to enumerate my blessings and realize that the good has always out-weighed the bad.  Yes, we are sad about the hubs’s grandmother’s passing, but we were blessed by the life she lived and the legacy of love she left.  I believe that things always happen for a reason and that difficulties happen to strengthen and teach us new things.  Some life lessons are hard to learn, like who you can and can’t trust, but I believe we can take these lessons and use them to do and be better in the future.