MyNetDiary- Week 4

I really need to start doing this program with more commitment. Saturday I took my two oldest littles to an amusement park. We were talking about children in the family when my middle child pointed out that he and I were both the middle children in our families. Then I pointed out that my daughter and her father are the oldest children in their families. We mentioned the toddler and said, poor him, he’s just the baby. That’s when my middle child said that he felt like another baby was going to come to our family. And I said, “oh really, how do you feel that?” His response was to tell me he feels that way because my belly is getting bigger.

Um yeah.
I so need to get back on my diet.

MyNetDiary – Week 3

This week was another big fat fail on MND. And it’s because I’m sick. Sick, sick, sick, sick. Sick as a dog. Wednesday I got a call at work right before staff meeting that my daughter was being sent home sick from school. I had noticed that the toddler had a very phlegmy cough the day before. Around noon, I wish I could have gone home from work because I felt the beginnings of a cold. But nope, I stayed there for 9 more hours.

I came home from work that night and have been in my pajamas ever since. Two kids and a sick mom…not fun. I’ve drinking lots of liquids like you’re supposed to and resting. That’s what I did this week. So yeah, I didn’t really work the program, but I took care of myself and the two sick littles and I’m started to feel a little bit better today.
One thing I’m still having a problem with is incorporating enough fiber into my breakfast. I’m going to have to start eating lots of fruit or nothing but bran muffins so that MND will stop telling me every day to eat over 200 calories and more fiber for breakfast. Seriously, I get this message every day.

MyNetDiary – Week 2

My second week on MyNetDiary was a fail! I stopped logging about Wednesday-ish again. The kids started back to school on Wednesday and we had Back to School night and a stake swimming party. Friday night my friend Kari and I drove up to Logan to pick up our packets for the Top of Utah Half Marathon. Well, we’re marathon drop-outs. We gave our two bibs to two of her friends who actually wanted to do the race, were trained up for the race, and weren’t able to sign up in time. I’d rather give my bib to someone who is ready and excited about a race, than do a race begrudgingly and only out of obligation. But we already booked and paid for our hotel room so instead we had a mini-friend-cation. Saturday we got massages, a pedicure, and went shopping. On our way home we ate our mutual favorite restaurant, Maddox. Oh yummy corn pones. It was relaxing and fun and just the rejuvenation I needed. I laughed so hard my sides ached afterwards.

So yeah, I didn’t really log much or stick to my calorie plan or even exercise. I’m a bad bad Rissa. One thing I have learned from MND so far is that I’m not incorporating enough fiber into my breakfast choices so now I’m thinking of ways I can do this.
Since this week is less crazy, I’m hoping to get back on track. Except that this coming weekend is Labor Day and I might have to have a last hurrah of the summer.
On to week 3, bleeps.


My post on my first week using MyNetDiary will have to be postponed until I am feeling better. Saturday night I came home from my sister-in-law’s wedding reception and felt like total crap. Despite being exhausted beyond measure, I could barely sleep that night due to being in incredible pain and bouncing back and forth between cold chills and being so hot I could barely stand it. I went to the doctor on Sunday and none of the tests they ran were conclusive. The only thing I know for sure is that my left kidney is just aching. So they took my urine, blood, and did some x-rays. My urine showed no bacteria or any white blood cells. There were a couple of red blood cells, which is why she thought I might have a kidney stone instead of kidney infection. But my blood tests were all normal and no stones appeared on the x-ray. And she ruled out my pain as muscular. She said that it’s possible that I have a stone, it’s just too small to see on an x-ray. So she prescribed me some pain pills, an anti-biotic just in case, and told me drink lots of fluid to flush out my system.

The point of this story was to say I’m too high on Lortab right now to lucidly tell you about using MyNetDiary. I’m afraid what I want to convey just won’t be coherent enough. So the first post about it will be postponed until I feel better. What I can say is that I love this program and encourage anyone with an iPhone or iTouch to download it right away.
Until then, friends…

Lose It again – Week 7

You can tell by this post that even though I said I wanted to give up last week, I, in actuality, didn’t. I was upset for a hot minute and then got over it. And as my cousin Jen, one smart cookie, pointed out, when you work really hard one week you typically don’t see the results until the next week or two.

This week I tried really super hard to stay within 1,200 calories a day. And it was hard, but doable. I just really had to plan my meals so I didn’t end up starving at night because I didn’t have the calorie budge for dinner. The only day I totally threw that away and ate what I wanted to was Saturday. I was on a day trip up at Bear Lake and decided that being on a vacation justified a little indulgence. That’s better than a whole week of indulgence!
So this week, despite sticking really close to the 1,200 calorie per day mark most days I still came in 524 calories OVER my weekly budget. Saturday just really did me in ya’ll. Despite that I burned 1,362 calories through exercise. That’s no where near as many calories as I burned last week that was somewhere near the 6,000 mark. I’m trying to stick to my training schedule for the half marathon. Monday I walked 4 miles (and got eaten alive by mosquitoes), Tuesday I did my elliptical for 2 miles (I wanted to go outside but those skeeters scared me away), Wednesday I worked 12 hours, Thursday I rested again, Friday I walked 2 miles (abatement truck came and sprayed the skeeters dead!), and Sunday my friend Kari and I went on a 6 mile walk. We were supposed to do 7 miles but Kari’s calves were killing her and couldn’t walk another mile. And I did that despite having a horrible sunburn from Bear Lake.
So did the hard work of last week and the cutting of calories this week pay off?
I lost 2. 6 pounds!!!!
So my cousin Jen was right. All the hard work from last week and watching my calories like a hawk this week really paid off for me. So you rock, cousin Jen! Thanks to Jen and Chels for reminding me not to give up. Eyes on the prize, baby.
Ok peeps, rock on to week 8.

Lose It again – Week 4

Since I’m on vacation, I’m not going to weigh myself. I need a consistent scale. Plus, I’m on vacation!

Even though I’m on vacation, I’m still keeping track of all my calories earned and burned on Lose It. My best friend is making me walk everywhere, so I have burned a lot. Luckily she took pity on me yesterday when I was limping along due to tired leg muscles and blistered feet. She let me buy a Subway pass to take to a very far destination.
This week I was over my weekly calorie budget by 134. I’d say that’s not too shabby for being on vacation in a city that is world-known for it’s fabulous food. I burned 2,680 calories through exercise. Not as good as last week, but walking burns considerably less calories than my elliptical machine. I feel skinnier, does that count? Actually in this city I feel like a cow since everyone is literally a stick figure!
Well peeps, I’m going to enjoy my vacation (boy, have I needed one) and I’m going to eat and walk and live a merry life. I’ll report back next Monday on whether the vacay was beneficial or detrimental to my diet.
On to week 5, bleeps!

Lose it again – week 3

Phew, this week has been interesting. First the hubs went to Seattle for a couple of days leaving me to parent alone. Then he ran the Wasatch Back on Friday and Saturday. Two more days alone. He did the exact same legs as he did last year, only he did better than last year. Which is amazing because he didn’t train at all. Who does that? I wish I was as naturally athletic as him.

So even though I was alone a lot this week, I actually worked out. It felt great! I’m pretty proud of myself. I have noticed that I’ve gone down considerably in my ability. I used to do the hardest program on my elliptical for 90 minutes. I couldn’t even survive 20 minutes on it my first night. I worked out 4 of the 7 days this week. I tried to work out every day but Wednesday I worked such a long day (10.5 hours) that I just wanted to come home, put on the pjs, and veg out in front of the TV. Friday night I had my brother over for some “Daria” while our respective spouses ran up and down mountains. Saturday I was so exhausted from hardly no sleep and being alone with the kids all day I went straight to bed as soon as they did. I still managed to somehow get my butt on the elliptical Sunday night after a day of Father’s Day and birthday celebrations.
Food was a different story for me this week. There were too many cookies, and brownies, and cupcakes just laying around begging to be eaten. I think this next week I’m going to lay off the baked goods and reach for fruit instead. It’s so hard because I have such a sweet tooth and salty tooth which makes junk food that much more appealing.
Despite that I came in 242 calories under budget for the week. I burned 3,204 calories through exercise.
I debated about whether or not to weigh myself. This is a week that mother nature has taught me is better spent off the scale. I did anyway and despite coming in under my calorie budget and essentially burning off a pound in exercise, I gained 1.2 pounds. But that’s what happens when Aunt Flo is in town. I shouldn’t have weighed myself. I’ve heard of women gaining up to 2 pounds during this special week.
Next Monday I’ll be in New York City with a different scale so I don’t think I’ll be weighing myself. Luckily there will be lots of walking going on to burn off all the good food I will be eating. I think when I get back from NYC, I’m going to try to burn 1,000 calories a day just to see what happens. Hey, I’ve got to build up my endurance for the half marathon so I might as well.
Rock on peeps, on to week 4….