Comment Policy

I welcome any and all comments that have something constructive to say.  I welcome friendly discourse and an exchanging of ideas.  I have wonderful family and friends and I’m anxious to hear from them.  I welcome new readers because some of my dearest friendships have started in the blogging world.  I welcome disagreements with my thoughts and ideas, unless I’m sharing personal experiences from my own life. I rarely publish personal attacks unless they make me laugh at their ridiculousness.

Speaking of which, if you really feel compelled to write something ridiculously hateful, these are your rules.

1 – Spelling and grammar are a must. Don’t say it unless you can spell it.

2 – If I do decide to publish your comment, I reserve the right to mock it.

3 – If you really have nothing better to do than spread your hate on my blog, at least have the courage of your convictions to use your real name or IP address. Otherwise, you hiding behind a keyboard flinging your poop at the screen is just cowardly. Stop being a coward.

If you don’t like me, what I write, or my blog, I invite you to use your God-given free agency to exit this site.  No one is forcing you to be here and read what I write.  Just remember the old adage your Mom used to say:  If you can’t say anything nice (useful, worthwhile, helpful, or adds to the discussion) then don’t say anything at all.

5 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. *clapping* Everyone knows where the exit and back buttons are if they do not like what is being written. Or an even more novel idea……do not click follow in the first place. A brilliant idea I know, I have several of them a year 🙂

  2. Very new I am at this site and already shaking in my boots when the comments began to poor (the ones I wouldn’t paste in my window) however, at my tender age of 72 am learning: “what you focus on is what you get”!

    1. “what you focus on is what you get”!

      Very true, shantishabda. Please tell that to the individuals who continue to harass me through my blog.

      1. shantishabda, there is a purpose and reason for my comment policy. I do not focus on those who do not like me. In fact, they focus on me way too much. Maybe I’ll go back and revisit this page when I have the time. Right now the hard and fast rule is that I don’t publish personal attacks, which I get on the regular. Although, the personal attacks are quite amusing and give me a good laugh. I wish I had that kind of time.

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